DIY Dust Busters

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DIY Dust Busters AKA door snakes are stitched by Ret ion her property in Carinda NSW. These are all ready to go by simply filling them with you desired filling e.g. clean sand, saw dust or unused cat litter.


- Dust Buster door stopper

- Zip tie

- Ribbon


DIY Instructions

  • Gather your filling, this can be clean sand, saw dust, unused cat litter. Don’t use rice or dried lentils as mice tend to like these.
  • A funnel of some sort - cut a plastic drink bottle in half, take the lid off and you have a funnel.
  • Pour your preferred filling in to BDDS (Dust Buster Door Stopper)
  • Thump a few times to make sure it has settled in nicely and is firm. 
  • Use zip tie to secured, tie ribbon. 

  • Place at door.